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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
Zack Bell was out of shape on that jump from start to finish and was in the process of folding under pressure plain and simple and thats why he went down - I don't care what the goat (just ask him but not me cos he aint) says's - sometimes goat talks without thinking. as in quite often.
Zack was NOT under pressure! He had a solid lead and no one trying to pass him. He crashed alone. And you speak of talking without thinking...

Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
getting my first good look at the Zack Bell crash from last week and seeing him hit the ground like that, you really get a good insight to just how inept the Asterisk Medical crews are. here get on the back of the UV we'll give you a lift back. great precautionary measures for the possible head and neck injury.

such professional medical attention!
So you get your first good look at the crash on a TV replay, and you are qualified to say he has a possible head and/or neck injury? Your medical degree is in what specifically? Internet Asshat-edness?

And then you rave, AGAIN, about how cool and badass Reed is for getting back on the bike after his big off in the outdoors. Wasn't that fall just like Zack Bells? Hitting the ground from 30 feet up? Couldn't he have had a head or neck injury?

At least Bell didn't jump back on the bike right that second like Reed did! But if he had maybe he'd be your hero instead of Asterisk being your scapgoat.

Originally Posted by Shawnee Bill View Post
This. Except it goes back 3 years, makes it hard to tell if someone can't catch and pass or if they just don't think it's worth pushing that little bit extra. They're doing the series point math as they race.


If RV1 was doing the season points in his head as he rode, why didn't he realize that making up 2 points a round on Millsaps isn't going to win him a title?
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