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I've been pretty lucky, but may be because I had decided to adopt a positive attitude no matter what happens and everything went extremely well, may be too much, sometimes good troubles leave memories.
Viet Nam is very populated, officially 91 million inhabitants, but probably more than 100 million for an area smaller than France (350,000 km vs .......... 552 000 km )

My friend HUE

I'm loving vast desert, it's not exactly the same feeling in Viet Nam. Impossible to do more than 1 or 2 km without meeting someone.
Not necessary to load the bike with tools, food, water or whatever, everything is available, repairers bikes everywhere, also for petrol there are a lot of gas stations and in the small villages at the grocery with manual pump. .

Vietnam is famous for his food, rightly, good food everywhere and it is very diverse. In restaurants in small towns, you're going in the kitchen to see what's cooking, you make your choice and within 5 minutes it is served and still very good, even if sometimes I did not know what I ate:

-What is it ?

-Inside the pork.
- Ah ok.

I have not tried the dog or the frogs seen in the markets they looked like strangely to toads. You should know that here everything is eaten.

I had the opportunity to be invited in the minority families and also Tai. A mat spread on the wood floor, sat down cross-legged (ouch my knees) a lot of food in the center, often 2 or 3 meats, fish and vegetables nems, and everyone draws with his chopsticks.

But the hardest thing is the drink. Rice alcool home made between 35 and 50 depending on the production and must be drunk one shot after a toast, when you're invited to toast it is very impolite to refuse, you drink with the one who invite you and once you drank , you handshake. And as I was the guest everyone wanted to drink with me ...... I shook a lot of hands

For the breakfast I was a little bit surprised, rice noodle soup, chicken or beef, served in street eateries.
As often in the countryside there is no fridge, there is no problem breaking the cold chain, all is fresh picked or killed and bought on the market every days. No digestive issues for me and I've eated in taverns where you bring him not a health inspector at the risk of him having a heart attack.
Must still love rice, if not you are very wrong.
You can eat well for less than $ 5, a noodle soup approx 1.5 $. a hotel very correct in Hanoi under $ 20

Sometimes in restaurant, the boss happy to see a stranger invited me to have a drink. It's funny, but alcohol is a real drama, as they produce their own alcohol, in the mountains they drink a lot, and they drive or ride. After lunch be careful on the road, we see some weaving. It is not uncommon to see guys lying on the sidewalk, I even saw one lying on the road, not on the side but in the middle and bikes passed him in a total indifference.
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