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Seriously though, Rob's got a pretty good head on his shoulders. Wasn't for lack of preparations that he wadded himself up in V2R. He was riding well all day, conservatively, but maintaining a good pace. Think he had about a 20 minute lead on the next guy in his class when he crashed, about 400 miles into the race? Said he was feeling great and just hit an embedded rock in the silt. That sent him cartwheeling he was done for the day. Could have happened to anyone. Where was the bad decision in there that was so disrespectful or dangerous though? Not getting enough rest the night before the race? I don't see it.

There were/are a lot of things he could do differently to prepare for a race, but what I've taken away from talking to him about it is that it's all time/money/motivation. He's got so much going on with school and GatosBros and everything else in his life, there isn't much left over to put into any kind of sincere racing effort. Barely even a half-assed one, evidently.

By the way, thanks for helping him out at V2R.
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