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I assume 'rode it out' means 'came to halt without falling off'...

Which I managed to do last time I had a riding flat. 80+mph in heavy traffic at dusk - poor visibility - on the M4 past Reading. I was in the outside lane on my tube-tyred Transalp when the rear tyre went down. First I knew of it was when the bike wouldn't steer crisply; seconds later, the back tyre began to swish and I had a real job to get the bike to steer across the inside two lanes to the safety of the hard shoulder, still at 70mph, while not getting squashed by a truck.

Fitted a new tube by the side of the road (sheltered by a Highways Agency vehicle that turned up after I started removing the wheel) and was on my way. I'll admit to a big sigh of relief on reaching the hard shoulder, but whilst trying to get there all my attention was focused on retaining control.

It did make me think about the wisdom of riding tubed tyres with a pillion but this was my only riding flat with a tubed tyre. I have had a couple with tubeless, which IMO gives a lot more warning of imminent deflation.

I have had innumerable flats while cycling and a high-speed flat when riding wired-on tyres can be very dangerous. Not only do you quickly lose directional control but, if the tyre comes off, it can wrap around and lock the wheel. And riding on the bare rim is not funny.
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