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Turnsignals – sometimes work

Instrument lights – don’t work

Front shocks – leak

Clutch – slips

Spark plug – needs replaced

Waterpump – needs new seals/bearings

Plastics – plain white

Headlight – flickers
Just a loose connection.

Tail light – doesn’t work
Handlebar wiring was redone - poorly

Parking light – doesn’t work
Parking light deosn't exist. Need to buy a replacement.

Rear shock – shot

Carbs – jetted too fat
New jets ordered. 195-170MJ; 52-45 idle jet.

Seat – I hate the white seat
Painted with vinyl interior paint. Not lasting very well.

Luggage – none
Luggage rack built. Top box acquired - but I need to mount it.

Handlebars – too low
Rotated back too far. Moved them forward and I think It'll work

Steering - spooky at highway speeds.
Steering stem had too much slack. Tightened her up.

The current project is the water pump. I got the new bearings in the mail from VXB yesterday. The new seals and Orings are coming from KTM-Parts. Hopefully soon. I'm getting some new jets in that same shipment as well as the Sprocket Shaft seal.

Not much I can do until the parts get in.

Any advice on getting that sprocket shaft seal out? I've got the sprocket, and spacer out. I'm just not sure how to attack it from here. Do I need to break down and buy a seal puller? Is there a substitute that I can use without risking damage to the case?
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