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UPDATE: We are going full rebuild!

Hello folks,

This happened:

First time I have taken an engine out of a bike. Quite enjoyed it. I used a jack from my automobile to take tension off the mount bolts while finally taking the engine out. Found from there I could just use the jack to push the sucker up and then lift it out.

So, YEP. I've got a guy recommended to me by people I trust and he is gonna rebuild it from the bottom up for me for not too much money. I figure this will give the bike a new life . At the same time I want to make sure the carby is back to stock jettings, replace all ignition parts and make sure there is good fuel flow.

The big question:Since this is all apart. What would you replace to make sure the rebirth went well? Carb set up, jetted and cleaned to perfection? New ignition coil, cap, condensor? I've filled the tank to the top and popped some stabil in, should I empty and clean the thing? I am going to replace chain and sprockets at a bare minimum. My air filter box looks a bit worse for wear. I'll take some photos of various bits so you guys are better informed.

Lastly, thank you for all your help again. I'm not stopping until this little thing runs so sweet, and I hope in time I will become more of a contributor.
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