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A quick FYI to all my customers and potential customers (or not).

We've had some problems in the past with a local, private cultural club. Dead animals on the door step and all that. Strange I know since I'm white. But, some of you aren't. Or worse, you might not be a Baptist. Wait, do they rank Catholics above or below gay people. I get confused about who they hate more.

Anyway, the Chief of Police said he & his 10 officers couldn't protect me. He said I should arm myself. So I did. Class, finger prints, and back ground check. Oh, and a gun.

The permit came a few months later and I strapped on a pistol. Open carry. It's 2010 everywhere, but here. Kinda like 1930's. Go everywhere with it. Bank, Drug store, hardware store, & in my shop. I let everyone know I was in the Army & that I worked in the firearms industry for 18 years. Nine of which were with a major handgun manufacturer. Oh, and did I tell you about the cases and cases of free ammo I got to practice with?

Bingo, all the B.S. came to an end. The local, private cultural club is still in town. I see them them all the time. We've come to an understanding. Still don't like the bastards though.

But that brings me to the reason for this post. I want to be up front with everyone on ADVRider.

Tellico Motorcycle Outfitters is a Handgun Permit Friendly Business.

We have been since the day we opened.

If this bothers you in any way, I highly recommend you take your business to a gun free zone.

Thanks for the business everyone. Especially those of you that might not be a Southern White Baptists!


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