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Pass on any good intel...
Boy I wish I could. I was one of the rookies in the group so was along for the ride so to speak. All of us were on off-road bikes so our focus was ST, tough two tracks and everything else we can get.

The things I did learn though:

- riding at night is VERY different than the day. More animals out
- on gravel roads, if you see a line of rocks stacked up, that usually means DEEP rain ruts or a hole...big ones. Hit a rain rut at 50 or so....lucky I still had some gearing left, sat back and pinned it. Did clean my drawers out.

This hole ate a whole 450XCW while the rider was still moving. Lucky she plowed the ground where the picture was taking.

We stayed at small hotels where the food was still alive hrs before and the owner greets you with open arms. We did get near Cabo and boy, prices went waaaayyyy up.

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