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I'm thinking about making a red LED panel shaped like a octagonal stop sign with a fabric base and velcro that I can attach to the various jackets that I wear when riding that plugs into a yet-to-be installed connector in parallel with the tailight. LEDs are very easy work with and somewhat forgiving. The circuit is merely resistors, LEDs and wires that can be sewn or glued to a piece of heavy ballistic fabric.

Tap the brakes and a red stop sign lights up on your back leaving no doubt that your brakes are applied. Remember the Electric Horseman?

Then, amber turn signal arrows flanking the octagonal stop you've got some serious rear signaling going on, the current draw is very low and the wiring is simple.

Just run a double row of yellow LEDs down each arm, so when you signal you can point your flashing arm in the direction you intend to move.

And maybe a sheath of LEDs for each middle finger.
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