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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
I kinda spaced out (Yeah big shock ) on one thing I meant to follow...

Back on page 31 of this thread...

1) is some talk of a Buell flywheel modification that allows oil-spray cooling of the stator. Presumably there is some supply passage in the crankshaft that makes this possible ... for those of you that have pulled your flywheel on the twins ... have you noticed if perhaps any such feature exists on the BMW crankshaft?

2) the guy drilled 6 small holes around the perimeter of his flywheel to aid air circulation ... has anyone heard follow up on this?

I'm just a simple country doctor Jim.

Not tryin' to discount your logic so no need to get in my grille.

I don't think many have had up close and personal time with their cranks. Not to that extent anyway. Drill the crank? Too scary for me. Not without the engineering docs that say go for it. It's like when you hot rod a car engine. The tranny blows, you beef up the tranny and the driveshaft blows, then you........ you get it.

Drilling air holes sounds good if you have the time and shop to do it in. Balancing would be an issue since it spins at crank speed. I'd consider that if it could be balanced cheap enough. And the odd prayer that it doesn't grenade.

If I had more money and less time, I'd do the $900 swapout. Since I have more time and less money, I'll buy the $100 stators as necessary. Even if you get 10K kms out of a stator, you're 90K kms into it before you break even. Adjusted for inflation of course. Add a voltmeter to keep an eye out for impending doom.

I dunno. I'd rather ride.

In a missile free area! (loved that idea!)
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