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Originally Posted by ohgood View Post
please, someone, please kill the facebook daydream believin train. just make a website, upload some video, and let it be. someday, we want to look back at old threads and ridereports, and still have them. (myspace anyone?)
You could argue that either way. I've owned domains and run web servers; they are all shut down today. Currently, I use Google's Blogger (, Picasa, etc. for stuff I want to share, since I expect that 1) Google has better uptime than my personal servers and Internet connection will; and 2) while Google's platforms may not be quite as flexible as writing my own CGI scripts, HTML and CSS, it's a lot easier (and probably higher quality). You could make the same arguments about MySpace/Facebook, too.

Technology changes; that's unavoidable. No matter how or where you try to store videos, photos, etc., sooner or later, the provider (or storage medium) will be replaced with something newer/better/whateverer
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