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That is so cool that you got that gig. The Tech Shop in San Francisco has a bike night every Thursday. I have an obligation that night every week, so I've never been, but think I'd enjoy it. I did a waterjet class there - what a bitchin machine! Too bad it's so expensive to run, but is sure will do stuff that other technologies won't do.

In other news... I finally got the power in my house upgraded to a 240v/200a service -- we had been running on just 110v/45a. Limited me to MIG welding. I ran a few TIG beads the other day, and wow, I had *really* missed that! Its' been a little over 4 years!

I took delivery of a rotary phase converter on Monday, and finally found the time to wire up my new-to-me Victor 16x40 lathe! Whooo M-Fin' Whooo! I scored some cut-offs from my local scrap yard to make riser feet for the Victor so I don't have to stoop when I operate it. Turns out they are stainless?! The Big Vic just peels 3/8" wide ribbons off. It's crazy... I made a pile of swarf in 10 minutes what would have taken me all day on my crappy little 7x12 Harbor Freight lathe. I'm in love.

Now I just need to get my mill repaired & reassembled, and I'll be in hog heaven.
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