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You were the guy on the XR650r behind me? I hope you got to see some of that crash! And thanks for picking my bike up! Never had the wind knocked out of me quite like that! I left the bike behind a boulder that would have brought a trophy truck to a stop. So I don't think that was disrespectful or dangerous.

V2R is actually the only race I've DNF'd and I wouldn't say it was for my lack of preparation. On that note its obvious my bikes could use some more prep work, but racing is a hobby for me right now. I'm in school, and starting up GatosBros takes all my time and money. Most my friends stopped riding during college because they cant afford it, and are too busy. I'm glad im still out there, and racing even though its half assed. Plus it makes for better stories.

Gotta finish up my pesky Friday classes then I'll get back to the RR.

Originally Posted by AngryShawn View Post
Now that you bring this up, I'm gonna put my old man pants on for a minute here...

We all love an underdog, but not for these reasons.

This level of disorganization and unpreparedness, regardless of a competitive environment or not, is dangerous and disrespectful to everyone involved.

I know because I helped get his bike off the course in the V2R you mention.
He was wasted, his bell was rung, and his bike was lying in the middle of the course.
This kind of poor decision making gets people seriously injured and/or killed.

Please, if you give a sh!t about this guy, try to steer him in the right direction.
I'd hate to see him, or worse yet, someone else, suffer because of his lack of judgement, preparation and common sense.

rant over, lets hear how this adventure turned out...
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