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Originally Posted by tricepilot View Post
What part of his post title did you miss?:

"What do I need to know crossing at Laredo?"
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Laredo ... Nuevo Laredo actually ...

Cross at Bridge #1. That's in the old part of downtown Laredo, TX. The Mexican tourist district starts as soon as you get off the bridge. Go straight ahead.

To your right and in the first block or two there will be a bar that is open air. A bucket of 6 Indios will vary from about $9 to $12 depending on the mood and the greed of the bartender. But I like to hang at that place. Lately they installed a karaoke machine and the singing is so bad that it's funny.

You will be approached by people wanting to help you and asking if you need a girl, need anything from the farmacia, whatever. If you really do need something they are a good resource. I sometimes have a shopping list of my meds and they know where the best prices are. They will also get food for a few $$ although the last few times that I was there a taco wagon was across the street.

Oh, and if you are in the bar most of the ladies that are there are pros. Just so that you know. N. Laredo seems to have more tolerance for that sort of thing than any Mexican town that I have ever been in.

Barbershop is around the corner - look for the barber pole.

Many people remember the Cadillac Bar. Anthony Bourdain showed it in an episode a few years ago. It was on a side street and has gone out of business, so don't waste your time looking for it.

The bar is catty corner from a town square. Maybe 5-6 blocks further south there is a second open town square. Across the street is a small hotel, Maison del Rey as I recall (anyone want to correct my spelling?). Nice place, clean rooms, $39/night. They have a secure parking lot but it's on a side street that is one way so you have to ride a few blocks and loop over to get there.

The state (Tamaliupas) has an active tourist bureau and they promote a park or two in Nuevo Laredo. If you have the time I am sure that a quick Google will turn up all sorts of things.

One of my havens to decompress at is the Applebee's on the southern side of town. It's nicer in my honest opinion than a US Applebee's. The previous manager was a Harley rider and was my pal but last I heard he was in Monterrey. Still, if you need US food this is a good place to be. They also have wifi.

You will see plenty of para-military presence. Everyone just pretty well ignores them. The local cops all got fired and the state brought in state police (white trucks) to supplement the Army (green trucks) and the Federales (black and white trucks). No Transitos and no Metropolitan police in Nuevo Laredo when I was there last, which was maybe 4-5 weeks ago.

Nuevo Laredo is pretty industrial but it's a fine place for a night or two of drinking and shopping. Despite the reputation for trouble the residents party late into the night.

Just stay the hell away from anyone that wants to deal dope. And in 15 years of riding through there I have never had anyone even try to sell me any dope.

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