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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
Thats a nice settup,I guess the Acerbis cap needs no vent tube coming out the top?Very handy for the tank bag.

Yes that Acerbis cap vents from out of the key slot. Perfect match with a Fandango design. No vent tube needed, but others have said their caps w/ vent tubes still worked with the bag. The raised area of the bag is not a pressed-down-hard fit over top of the cap. There is enough extra room that the vent hose is not pinched off. Both Acerbis and IMS tank users can both use this cap. The keyed lock portion can be used or not (used like a regular cap).

It's an OEM/EPA design in that it pulls air in, but fumes do not vent out. When the bike is dumped over, gas does not leak out too.

On the DR, the plastic tank heats up from the air-cooled motor and expands the tank. It becomes rock hard because of this. This concerned me over the long term. A side benefit is this caused my tank to expand in size, like people would do with hot water and pumping a plastic tank up with air to expand its capacity.

The solution (not my idea) to alleviate this rock hard tank is to screw out the inside green piece and pierce a hole in the center 1-way rubber valve. I used a heated up sewing needle to 1st pierce it and then the smallest drill bit to enlarge the hole a tiny amount. When I blow out the bottom of the cap forcefully air now slowly leaks out and my tank is no longer rock hard. I dumped my bike over and there was maybe 1 drip of gas that came out.

Works for me and worth getting IMO for anyone with an Acerbis or IMS tank so as to ditch the vent hose plus have the ability to look if needed.

Enjoy, Bill
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