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Originally Posted by theshnizzle View Post
I have googled and I am not getting much back.......excerpt for the whole 2 bodies hanging from the bridge thing........I did see a graph that showed the quietest times to cross, is there anything to see on the other side of the border?

I thought it would be fun to just zip across for a couple hours and then come back.

Anything in particular I should be aware of? I am not going back a million pages to look for my particular question and the search button doesn't least on my ipad.

I don't want to totally buy into the whole it's to dangerous thing, but I just want to know what to expect and risk level involved.

Nothing wrong with wanting to check out the Border scene to satisfy your curiosity. Spent a lot of time in the Laredos myself as a young man. Just keep in mind that whatever impression you come away with will be of the Border, not to be confused with mainland Mexico. And your risk profile (not to discourage you) will likely be higher than most places in the interior. So use your common sense, stay away from places like Boys Town, and have fun.

Drop in here after and give us your assessment and let us know when you want to travel beyond the Border. There's a whole country to explore down there and we're fortunate to have her as a neighbor.
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