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Originally Posted by theshnizzle View Post
Hookers and beer??!! If I was a guy and if I drank al-cool, I'd be down for that.. But, alas, I am a solo female rider who doesn't drink. Ok, another couple questions......if I park my bike and go for a stroll,it will be there when I get back, right?

It's a Hayabusa, so not easy to lift, but not impossible,obviously. I guess,what i want to know,will bike and bags be there upon my return...And,are the lines terribly long depending on time of day,I realize.....

I think google told me its about a 7 hour ride from Beaumont Texas if I am not mistaken,yes?noMaybe?
Well, we get all kinds of riders coming through here.

Six hours should see you there, depending on Houston traffic.

Boy's Town is officially named the "Zona de Tolerancia" and you can Google either name for map info. It lies along the west side of Monterrey St. just north of Anahuac St. It's over 4 kilometers in from the border and you don't need to worry about stumbling into it.

A bike cover works well for securing your bike. Secure paid parking should work - just use your own judgment. Ask to store vulnerable items in their office, etc. Don't leave it if parked on the street.

Will you be passing through San Antonio or Austin anytime?
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