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Originally Posted by Shawnee Bill View Post
You going to figure that out one day???

christ I did make a mess out of that.

lets try again. I am of the opinion that the heat race crash Zack Bell had at Atlanta one of the 2 jumps that had near vertical take off's while he was being passed by Musquin to his left after which Ricky C stated it was caused by the lack of front wheel roation, that the reason he crashed had nothing to do with the front wheel rotation or lack thereof, he simply screwed up. he was all out of shape in body position, line of trajectory relative to the track, etc and his attempt at navigating that obstacle and the hair turn right after it was doomed and the situation compounded by Musquin breathing down his neck. I think goats great insight that it happend due to the front wheel not turning is bullshit. Zack Bell fell down went boom. It happens.

this is not to be confused with Zack Bells big get off the previous week in Dallas where there was nobody breathing down his neck, though some people obviously have.
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