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Originally Posted by brents347 View Post

So you get your first good look at the crash on a TV replay, and you are qualified to say he has a possible head and/or neck injury?

And then you rave, AGAIN, about how cool and badass Reed is for getting back on the bike after his big off in the outdoors. Wasn't that fall just like Zack Bells? Hitting the ground from 30 feet up? Couldn't he have had a head or neck injury?

At least Bell didn't jump back on the bike right that second like Reed did!
maybe thats a good indication that Bell had his rung and Reed didn't.

no Reeds fall wan't like Bells and yes I can tell from TV that Bell had POSSIBLE head/neck trauma and should have been treated as such.

to get a good look at just how clueless asterisk is watch Reeds Millville crash. if the yellow UV had been a few feet closer Reed might have landed on it.

so what does asterisk do? they pull up in a second UV (I'm assuming the first one was not asterisk) and park it next to the first one.

a bike and rider just almost landed on a UV on a very big jump and asterisk being totally clueless but thinking they are "part of the race" decides that just in case another rider loses it on that jump we'll double his chances of hitting a UV, just in case.

asterisk = fekking morons.
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