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I looked at the right side photo I took at the Woodleaf Hotel and magnified it.

The turn signal was intact at that time. By that time, I had ridden no more than 15 miles of freeway and speeds were around 60-65. I was on my way home, so it broke sometime between the time that photo was taken and my arrival at home. The trip back was almost entirely by freeway, with a good portion of it at or above 70. Since it's ALWAYS the right rear turn signal, I'm wondering if there's a fender or hugger brace under there that's loose. I'll have to check that out.

I can't explain it, CD. I am aware from your previous posts that you have had no such problems with yours and I'm glad for you. For me, this is a major discrepancy, a significant flaw in an otherwise great machine. It's very aggravating.

I appreciate the links you provided, but they are for front turn signals. The problem I'm having is with the right rear turn signal stalk.

Carrying on...
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