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Originally Posted by SigPig View Post
That wasn't just any big jump. It is the "Chadapult".

And again, pretty sure that your posts that have text and not pictures are an attempt at trolling. But hey, different strokes right...
to some degree they are an attempt at trolling but don't think for a second that they aren't %100 based on what I believe. I've been fascinated with MX since 1971. in the 80's when I was in the navy my exposure to the sport was mostly grocery store magazine stands. but I wasn't any less pre occupied with it. I may not be able to ride it anymore but I still eat sleep and breath it.

yes I think RC is not worthy of title goat. I also think he's a horrible broadcaster and commentator to put it nicely he sucks at it. Shaheen is better so there I said it. I also think asterisk sucks at what they do. disagree all you want but if EMT's picked somebody up like a sack of potatos who just wadded up a street bike there would be lawsuits. I'm not saying they don't mean well and in some cases quick action is required but only some. you err to the side of caution when dealing with head and neck and thats what a lot of these have the potential to be. thats why they make spine boards! turns out Reed had a broken back at Dallas in 2012 and the guy did pick him up and run across the track with him. multiple broken bones. like most other things in life asterisk has a lot of room for improvement. god forbid somebody points that out.
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