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Originally Posted by CrazyD2.0 View Post
I was able to successfully drill out and heli-coil the bolt hole for the clutch release lever cover on the right hand engine case, as well as drill out and extract the broken #4 machine screw that was sheared off in the crank seal cover/ignition adapter. That was a bit of a worry. I'm starting to run into issues with parts availability - more on that later...

As it were, I'm just waiting for the remaining gaskets and seals to show up so I can start reassembly of the engine. In the meantime, my boy Wesley had ground off the excess welds from previous repairs - not a complete job, only half of each of the cracks were done, so he ground of the blobs of weld, and I finished welding the remaining cracks (forgot to bring camera, so no pics...). Today, cleaned off old dirt/mud/oil, and primed the main frame.

So I have a question. It is my intention to sell this bike after I get it restored. Provided everything goes to plan, I was going to get it to as near new condition as possible, given its age and availability of parts, and once completed, take it on our annual camping trip, which involves lots of mountain logging roads and trails, so I plan to bring the bike with me to make sure all goes well and bike performs as best as it can. But ultimately, I don't want a 2-stroke, so the outcome is that it will go up for sale. Which brings me to ask: Do I paint the frame to match original KTM colours, or do I take this opportunity to bring in a personal touch. Would any prospective buyers prefer sticking to original in every way or would there be room for change where paint is concerned. This would also apply to getting new fenders and tank, where colours other than white are (supposedly) available. Please chime in, it doesn't matter to me either way, I haven't bought the paint yet, but I'd like to have an idea from those that do have an opinion (me, I like modern/custom looks...)

And finally - I've been in touch with pentonparts and vintagedirtbikeparts - does anyone else know of others? I've signed on to KTMtalk as well, so I'll post there as well...but like a good fisherman, cast as many lines wherever I can.... I'm finding that some parts are not available from the above mentioned sources, so would like to find more possibilities.
Try LETKO Cycles..Shawnee Ks..Jim Letiller raced Pentons forever and has had this shop since KTM was importing as location on the highway, but Jim knows his stuff.
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