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Originally Posted by WhicheverAnyWayCan View Post
Ah thanks for clearing that up and was to my understanding that you must(or should) have a guide with you in Nam (similar as China) but it is much cheaper in Nam? Correct me if I am wrong. Now it would make sense of your comment because more and more people are starting to bring their bikes into Nam. According to the forum at HU, a couple on big harley finally made it through not long ago.
No guides required in Vietnam. I have also ridden through China, albeit illegally and without a guide- 7,500km at an average speed of 40kmh on a local 125 I bought new in China (just near the Vietnam border).

Renting small bikes In Vietnamis very cheap- less than $5 per day - but you can't ride too far as the renters take your passport as deposit.

Vietnam is a very long and thin country ~ 2,500km from North to South. I rented bikes in each city/town I visited and took trains/buses between towns. Farthest I rode was a 500km round trip from Hanoi to Halong Bay.

The alternative is to take a guided tour such as the author of this thread has. However, you are then spending $100 per day. By comparison, my wife and I lived on $15 each per day during our time in Vietnam.
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