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I was going to do the Oasis hare scramble, but was called away to the North Sea for work and missed it, following Oasis there was a National Hare Scramble at Pecacho, which I also missed. I finally managed to attend the E-Street Hare Scramble last weekend. Both races I wanted to enter (C-SSr and C-open) were back to back races at 8:00 and 10:00. Since registration for a race closes 30minutes before race time, I registered for both races at the same time... they just accepted my entry fee and wished me good luck.

The first race was a mix of the age classes, the Vintage blue plate and the C-women class. I had a couple of friends who entered the Vintage and C-women class to race with. It's always more fun when you race with people you know well. The race started off well and consisted of a gnarly/fun MX track, and some runs back and forth along the riverbed in deep sand. they managed to throw in a couple of "technical" spots, but nothing serious. I quickly discovered that my new'ish Alpinestar boots weren't as broke in as I would have liked and I had difficulties shifting precisely to the point where I finished the last few laps mostly in second gear.

I finished the race and went back to the truck to swap boots, get something to drink and head back to the start for the second race. this was the sportmen race and the B-women. certainly a lot of youger people/kid. basically seemed like mostly under 30. this race was about the same pace, but I felt much faster having better shift control. the whoops felt OK and I was getting more used to the sandy sections. overall, I felt pretty good until about the last 20minutes of the race, when my body just hit a wall. this usually happens to me during enduros about 2-3hrs into the event, so running two scrambles back/back was a pretty good simulation of a quick paced enduro, sans the technical sections. I finished the last lap just in time for the checkered flag. I was happy not to have to do another lap. the sand and whoops really wear me out. anyway, even with the slow last lap and the course getting more whooped out, my average speed went up by 2mph for the second race.

on monday, I was more sore than I have been for a long time. I wasn't expecting this. I think it means that I was working my whole body on the whoops and jumps and I may have been just a little dehydrated towards the end. it took much of the week sllnking around at work, and whincing getting in/out cars/bed, to recover enough to consider doing some recreational trail riding this weekend.

lessons learned, hare scrambles are good ways to condition and test gear and technique. my boots need to be broken in, or I'm going to find another pair of Sidi Crossfire SRS. I bought my last pair (Alpinestar Tech 3 All Terrain), because I want some tread on my boots for pushing bikes. My old boots were Sidi Discoveries, wich are not full MX type boots and while offering good flexibility and traction, not as much protection. they were also getting pretty worn. I like the Sidi Crossfire boots, I had a pair in the past that was too tight. while I could only wear them for a few hours at a time, they felt very good and control was very good with them. The SRS version allows one to replace soles. recently, they have come out with a "Enduro" sole which has more tread than MX soles, so I might consider this combo. They are expensive, but used boots in my size pop up every so often. Besides, I earned some extra offshore pay working on a boat in the North Sea, so I can spend a little on gear, especially if it's good quality and not feel guilty. after all, it was winter and we did have storms.

one more hare scramble (hollister) to test some new gear (boots hopefully) and then off to the first Enduro this season in April (Sawmill). I can't wait to do a real Enduro again.

Here is a video of the second lap (first race) of the Estreet Hare Scramble:

here is some video from the boat:

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