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Driving in Viet Nam :

If you want to see the trafic in Hanoi

First of all, foreigners are not allowed to drive in Vietnam, A vietnamian driving licence is required and must be bought, it is only issued to residents. But the police closes his eyes, as they don't speak English, they avoid stop the aliens, they have enough work to the natives (widespread corruption).

More, there is no insurance. If something goes wrong, material damages and not injured (or light) you have to bargain and as you are foreigner you are always wrong and you have to pay. If you do not agree or if there are serious injuries, the police comes and there .............. this is the big deal. First they immobilize the bike mini one month, and the owner has to pay if he wants to recover his bike, if there are serious injuries that can end up in jail.

You must not have an accident. that's it

On the other hand we do not ride fast, I saw 3 machines lying on the ground, the drivers banged up but not serious, as they drive with tong or barefoot ........the helmet is mandatory but they wear things that look more like a caps, they also tend to replace traditional hats by the helmet they wear all day long. Sometimes there is propaganda against accidents with photos more than shocking, I'm not too blue flower but some I have not even been able to bear the sight.

Another vue of driving way, filmed with the phone this time, just before New Year's Day, the traffic is so much more fluid than usual.

There is no rule, as my friend Hue said "They do not care" , life is not the same value here. The biggest is right and the traffic never stops. When a car or truck pass in front of you they make you the headlight flasher, you have to change your way because it will not move him. It is not uncommon to find someone in your line but in opposite direction. and turns or intersections are systematically cut off, so when you turn right you can very well come across a guy in front of you on your right. Everything, absolutely everything can be carries on their bikes. For instance, on the highway out of the airport, a small motorcycle towing a trailer with a cow and her calf, a fridge, 4 pigs, a three-seater sofa, the list not limited .

cherry tree transportation (to have in your house for new year)


Small wood for cooking



building material


Restaurant chicken delivery

And finaly Pigs transportation :


2 PIGS (and one chicken)


And with 4 PIGS the winner is :

Dalton Brothers

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