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Yeah I bet my money they where so fucked up on ayahausca it took them a week to walk straight again. As the story Mark posted said, "doing hippie things" screwing with Native drugs and such, seen it all too much before down in the Amazon Rainforest basin, lot of the young backpacker type traveling pot smoking crowd looking for that mythical high losing track of time and place
What a bunch of BS, that parent ought to be charged for the so called search and rescue operation If they are going to be out in the jungle screwing off with or without doing drugs they ought to at least let their loved ones back home know what's up instead of bringing this nanny society shit down to SA. What a waste.
Paul Theroux has a book out about getting that mythical high. Blinding Light, I think. It's on my shelf and I read it but I didn't like it and I never liked the euro-and-american-trash who travel to get high or drunk or both and stuff even though we're not that much different and maybe I'd be like them if drugs had an affect on me that I liked but mostly they just make me puke.

I have a friend who works in Public Relations and I swear to Dog she's paranoid and it's people like her who worry way too much about what things look like and it's people like her who with their advanced degrees end up writing public policy, like the one that says that if you're and American and you're reported missing then the US State Department will do it's best to find your sorry ass no matter what you're doing.

About twenty years ago, an American guy "disappeared" in Panama. Russ, the guy who owns the marina west of Colon, got a call from a weepy mom in Wisconsin asking "Hausmann is missing and nobody has heard from him who should we hire to find him the State Department isn't doing anything!!!" And Russ says, "He's fine, he's sitting right here and he doesn't want to talk to you in the middle of a card game."

True Story.

But there's a happy ending: Hausmann's brother ended up going down to Panama and bringing that sonofabitch back and they both brought girlfriends and the next think (twenty years ago), Wisconsin developed more of this weird Panama connection.
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