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Originally Posted by JoelWisman View Post
I ABSOLUTELY want someone to try a series regulator, I just don't want that someone to be me :)

My concerns are 3 fold

1: electrical noise. I am not in the least concerned about it interfering with the CANbus, if I ever said that, I miss typed. ZERO concern for CANbus. I do have some concern about the bloody shitty signal over power com the power let and GPS connections use, as well as the ABS controller.

I have seen bizarre and dangerous ABS issues develop from electrical noise generated by HID headlight conversions, though actually it may have been some other form of EMI and in any case, HID is a LOT noisier, especially the chinese ones then I would think a series regulator.

2: Harmonics induced into the stator that ages the insulation by series control. I am not real worried about this, but it is in the realm of possibility.

3: In the past, series regulation was spotty, unreliable, and imprecise. I suspect and advertising claims this is no longer the case, but until I see one on a scope, I am not convinced.

On the twin, open circuit stator voltage climbs to nearly 400 volts near red line, I am not currently concerned by this though I wasn't sure until I found out the stock twin stator has solid quality insulation and 3 dips.

My guess is it would work and greatly improve matters, but this is truly a guess where as I am next to certain the FET regulator I recommended is solid and will at least improve charging and possibly prolong stator life.

If someone installed a series regulator and visited me, I have a scope, meter, and harmonics analyzer and could answer all questions but longevity and durability of series R/R, but no guarantee the answer would be a happy one.
This guy did at least some of the measurements you proposed
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