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Originally Posted by braaap!
my Parole Officer thinks I'm a nice guy deep down, too!... like, six feet down!

I'd be interested to know the 2nd brake line part number you get, I was fobbed off with a SX85 line and it aint right! the banjo at the master cylinder isn't cranked over enough so I got this big dumb ass loop above my bars that grows when the forks stroke thru.... shits me!

I'd really like to have a single line from the m/cylinder down to a T-piece / union at the lower triple clamp, then 2 lines down to calipers... sounds tidier?

What color SM guard?
Should get me bits by the end of the week, I'll keep ya posted.

Goodridge would be the folks to talk to about the junction thingo.

Same colour as the inside of me lungs.
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