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The battery was FUBAR and the bike was running like crap. I tried a couple other places with luck before limping into Carter Powersports.
The engine died and refused to start again. I coasted into the parking lot.

Spending ~$190 bucks on a new OEM battery sucks when I know...

The last one lasted 2 years and 3 months! (I probably need to troubleshoot my charging system, huh?)

I swapped the batteries in the parking lot and let the dealership keep the old one. I wasn't attached to it.
I was happy to find the new battery, which ended all of the problems I was having.
By mid-afternoon I was headed out of town.

20 years ago I visited the desert southwest for the first time when Helen and I flew to Las Vegas.
As many tourists there do, we got out of town in a rental car to see sights such as Hoover Dam
and the Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive.

I remember being thoroughly impressed with the scenery, but after all I've seen since, will I still be?
Nah. Just like I thought. Crowded with tourists in rental cars its claim to fame is undoubtedly being close to Las Vegas.
Only the first couple miles of the 13 mile scenic one-way loop road was scenic.
At least it was wide enough to pass the tourists driving 15 in a 35.

This rock is huge! For a sense of scale, try to find all of the people in this picture. I counted at least 24, but I had the advantage of the full-resolution photo.

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