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Well here we go with the update..

So where were I?
Oh yeah! The Pub! So we planned on going down to a bar somewhere in Grenoble. Apparently my friend, well lets call him by his nickname, Fanf, knew some good old Irish pub... well sort of, I'll explain later. The first problem was he is very bad at orientation. I mean we headed down some random direction and after a while he asked me to pull out my mobile phone to ask google where we were... Since I had no AC adapter I didn't really fancy that idea and instead asked the first strangers I saw in the street, always a good idea 'n'est-ce pas'? (Thank you for that thoughtful education momy). In our luck I just aborded one of the greatest alcoholics in Grenoble 'cause his friend immediately said to me “yeah of course he knows this bar, he's always there, well in fact he's always in some kind of bars”. I'm gifted with a radar for special people I think. Anyway they told us to turn around […] and go all the way back from where we came and than simply turn left... Did I mention that my friend was bad at orientation?
Finaly we got in the bar but missed happy hour by 10 minutes, a couple of people to blame for that:
  • AmauryADV who called me with his girly problems on his GS (just kidding mate :o)
  • Did I mention that my friend was bad at orientation?

Well fair enough he paid for the first drinks. Since we needed a drinking motto for the night, we took a quick look back at the last few weeks and decided to drink on his new appartment, his job, this trip and my birthday (which was already a week old, but who cares if it involves drinking, right?). Some guys at the bar turned around as they heard that it was my birthday, gave me a big smile and congratulated me. Always nice!
Since we haven't seen each other in a couple of month we casually talked about what happened during his work week (What? We aren't women) and how much his work sucks and that he haven't met any new friends in the city. Is that all? 'Cause nothing is easier than that, like the master of Baloo said to me (don't think I've mentioned it before): “humans aren't animals”, so lets go talk to some strangers. He wasn't convinced, so I needed to prove my point. I went to the guys at the bar and asked them for a picture for my RR. Of course they agreed and we passed a good evening. I mean that is what the photos show. It kinda became fuzzy after that point. They invited us for a drink and told us that they where some kind of PhD canidates in some king of physics thingy that I didn't understood, well I understood that it had to do with water but writing a PhD about that? Well as I said it became fuzzy. Fair enough they encouraged me into doing my road trip longer and to stop giving a damn about my class on monday... They even made me a paper for my teachers: “We (quoting names) allow Thomas to miss his class to explore the known and unknown part of the universe”. If that doesn't work, then what could?! They ended up chanting “happy birthday to you” through the whole bar. Always nice to have strangers doing that for you. I think I'll have a birthday every month just to get that exciting feeling! Feed my ego!

At 2 am we went “home” and I knew the next day would be hard. Not enough sleep and new snow fallings were announced.

Pics of the night:

My note allowing me not to entend my lecture, this must have some kind of value!

Some FYYFF moments

And the last PhD.

The Bar

At the end: one satisfied face! Lets continue this epic journey!, Cheers!

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