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hey bastimentos - thanks! tacos coming up in valle de la trinidad!
heh. hiya Nixels! glad to see you, too!

Thanks, Gale! Aww, thanks for the support, but I don't think we're really going to do it.
2500 miles was a lot...
to turn around and ride it all again next month??
Also, we have some obligations to fulfill (work) and there isn't enough time to race.
We appreciate your confidence, though!

Originally Posted by MasterMarine View Post
Oh yeah, nice purse!
hi MasterMarine! thanks for checking in. heh - you like tacos, too?

Hahaha! Dave62538675309!

thanks for the link!
This RR might be a little light on the linkies. I have 3000+ photos to pull from and not a lot of time.
Also, you guys just had like 4 months of all my best jokes (gettin' dirty RR). I got nuthin' left!
Hopefully, the riding content will be the main draw...

Day 1: 2/17/13 Tecate to Bahia San Luis Gonzaga
326 miles

I donít know how well everyone slept -
Matt and I had gotten sick at a Superbowl party and we were still a little stuffed up and coughing.
I have a bad feeling that we were snoring our asses off that night,
but the guys were too polite to say anything.
I hope it wasnít too horrible.

So, I donít know if Rancho Ojai is a KOA, but this cabin was identical to the one Matt and I had stayed at after the UTBDR.
Didn't take one at Ojai, but here's an interior shot from the Utah KOA:

We all had camping gear for Rancho Ojai but were leaving it in the truck.
Camping in Baja is awesome and everyone should do it at least once,
but for this trip - The Baja WanK was all about riding.
We were all traveling light for maximum speed and agility.

As we left Ojai, Bartek was having trouble with his rear tire.
It was new and the bead didnít seem to be set.
We stopped at a Pemex so he could use their air.

As I mentioned earlier, Iím sucky at maps. But I know you guys are curious.
Hereís our old tattered AAA map of Baja with mattís scribbled notes.
This was a long section, so I have 3 map pics for today.
The highlighter doesnít stick to the scotch tape, so there are a couple of blank spots.
Unfortunately, the highlighter is the exact same color as the AAA notation for Toll roads.
So, look for the messier green line.
Iím sure you can figure it out.

Starting at El Condor

I guess it had been raining in Northern Baja.
We had some mud and big puddles.

But it kept the dust down and we had (mostly) good traction.

Our GoPro was crapping out on this trip. Thereís something wrong with it.
Maybe the temperature sensor? It seems to get hot and shut itself off.
Could be a short somewhere, too.
Itís going back to REI soon (weíve had it less than a year!)
Anyway, we have a little bit of footage, but not nearly all that we wanted.
Matt could usually get only one section of video a day.

This is on the way to Laguna Hanson.
Scott and Bartek were super excited and ready to GO!!!!

Smiles all around.

photo by Barteknologieô

Heís smiling on the inside.

Pretty soon we were at Laguna Hanson.

I love Hanson, but we had miles to cover. Only stopped for some quick pics.
And a pee.

Forgot to start with tire pics - These are ours.
I didnít start taking pics of Scott and Bartekís tires until Day 2.

Front - Scorpion Rally

Rear - Rally Raid D908

And then it was back on the trail.
Oh, wait - hereís a quick shot of the most photographed rock in Hanson.

(not sure what Scottís doing...)

Rocking horse?

Hereís Scott really going for it! Thanks, Goggles! Ride report content.

That was quite a bath.

Had some gates today.
I usually try and open them for the guys so they donít have to get off their bikes,
but Bartek beat me to a couple of them.

Fast sand.

The boys were loving it.


This stuff, however. Ugh. Deep and soft.
Not the best for 2up.

That morning, while we were putting on our gear,
Matt had freaked me out by saying we were going to be crashing all day long.
It had been 6 months since I had been on the 990 with him and I was nervous.

But it wasnít too bad. I think we had maybe 3 get offs this day.
Mostly from losing our momentum or going too slow (having to check the GPS while moving is tough).
There were a few close calls at speed, but those come with the territory.

I think we weíre ready for map #2.
Again, the blank spots just mean that the highlighter got rubbed off.

Some of these images might be out of order. That deep sand might have been after this part.
When I mix photos with screen shots, things get confusing.

We were on the Baja 1000 course now.
This section was crazy. We were hitting the whoops and bouncing all over the place.
Laughing our asses off but also almost crashing.
2up sand whoops are a special kind of hell. And these were little baby whoops.
One time we had some 3-4 foot ones near Rancho Santa Veronica.

Right about here, Matt said - ďdonít worry, if we were on the course, we would only have 1000 more miles to go!Ē
And then we realized that in actuality, we had like 2350 miles to go.

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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