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26/02 Day 4: Grenoble to Mijoux (170kms) – Who said that Motorcycle gear isn't multifunctional?
Total: 1428kms

I had set the alarm for 7 o' clock but as you can imagine the wake up was quiet a bit hard. I fell asleep again for an hour and needed to roll myself out of the bed. In fact I was invited to lunch by my volleyball team mate somewhere in the “Jura” area. My sat-nav predicted 3:30 for 170kms, add to that the snow and you have a 4 hour ride. Well it was clear that I'd be late. I ate quickly some stuff that was lying around in the kitchen and loaded my bike. Here we go!

It was heavily snowing and I faced the coldest day of my trip: -12C. Good thing I use my ski-gloves. Less protection but a lot more heat. Time to test my Gopro again (as soon as I figure out how to use Cineform you'll have some clips to watch!). Well as I got out my other camera to get some shots of these beautiful landscapes, bad news came across: it refused to turn on. The camera was supposed to resist cold temperatures. Darn it. My excuses for the bad quality pics that'll follow :o).

Since bad news never come alone I had to face a roadblock. The closed the pass for bad winter conditions. What kinda pussy do they think I am? It was close to 12, I definitely was late. I took out my phone to call my friend but there was the releaving message: “Went out skiing, coming back at 2pm”. Great, he bought me time. I needed to turn around and thanks to modern technology an alternative route was quickly found. 30 min detour.

The nearer I got to Mijoux the more snow and ice there was. Add to that roads in very bad condition with gravel everywhere and you have a perfect cocktail to go down. And indeed I almost did. Luckily my Gopro was on and you'll be able to see that slippery front end moment. To my left and right the snow-walls became higher and higher. I'd be there with some time to spare, score! Well should have been the case. My TomTom and its netherland humor thought it'd be funnier to let me turn left into the ski resort. It should have been a “shortcut”... Well shortcut my ass. The ski-lift was over my head and everywhere some confused people. That's a whole new kind of “unstoppable”. A man came across my direction and asked if I was lost. “no, no I'm looking for Mijoux, it is supposed to be at the end of this “road”. I pointed to that huge 4m high wall. During summer it indeed is a shortcut, but not during the ski season. I was stock between snow and ice and my TR91 showed their limits. I had to unload my bike, turn the bike around and reload the whole thing. Due to that little thing I just arrived on time.

Pierre, my volleyball buddy waited for me with a big smile, “how about some hiking with snowshoes this afternoon?”. He knows that I'm always in for any kind of physical activity .
He introduced me to his whole famely, and since I don't want to embarrass my bad memory I won't quote any of their names (kinda big famely).
After lunch we (with his father), went renting some snowshoes for me (thanks again for inviting me at this point!) and there we went. Oh yeah I need to mention that I boiled up some water and pour it over my camera (waterproof) to reheat it. Well it worked and I was able to take some great pictures (you'll see what I mean ;). We did hike for 3 hours and where able to see the dusk over the hills. Amazing view. I think I'll buy a pair of snowshoes for my next winter trip. Didn't know that sport until that day and clearly it's a lot of fun. That'll add a bit more to that “unstoppable” feature. I made another discovery during that day: Motorcycle gear is multifunctional and can be used as ski gear. I think they even use the same material.

His father Jean Jackes insisted on letting me stay during the night and have breakfast with them. How could I refuse such a kind offer . I'm a professionnal leacher! After dinner we played some pingpong and fussball with his sisters and fell asleep almost immediately after.

Pics of the day: feel free to use as wallpaper and/or aliby :o)


What kind of shortcut is that supposed to be?

Look at the lift over the bike

Here we go!

Wasn't a piece of cake

What a view: the mont black and the alpes - where I'd be the next day

A well earned break

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