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First time posting anything "ride report"/photo related here. Was going through my picture files and realized I have quite a few photos from just riding around where I live.

I'll try to add some narrative fluff to what I've got just for the sake of fun. Nothing here is philosophical, ground breaking or even particularly special. Most of these pictures are old, as most of my riding since the end of fall has been strictly commute related. Boring stuff along the same route back and forth between Grants Pass and White City. No point in taking snapshots that would put a corpse to sleep. Not that these photos won't put a corpse to sleep...

A little about me: I'm 31 years old and have been a motorcyclist for a whopping 1.5 years at this point. I ride a 2005 Suzuki S40 which I find to be an acceptable little motorcycle, even if it's no longer what I would like to be riding. However, it's what I have, I can't afford anything else and "a motorcycle" is better than "no motorcycle".

Here's my little thumper on a fine summer morning last year, just before I headed up to Crater Lake for a weekend of camping.

Notice my use of top of the line motorcycle luggage accessories! Also notice the god awful mess my neighbor's front yard is. Oh, and I hadn't mowed my own lawn recently, so I suppose I shouldn't be talking. At least I have a lawn and I've even yelled at the little hellions across the way to GET OFF OF IT a few times. Felt pretty good. Anyway, next time I pack to go on an overnight ride anywhere things won't be such a mess. I put a genuine American made by the MoCo sissy bar on my Japanese bike. See evidence below:

Anyway, I made an important discovery about my bike that weekend. The seat is a hateful device if I spend more than about 45 minutes straight on it. With that knowledge in hand... I still haven't replaced it.

I didn't take many pictures on my way up to Crater Lake. Enjoyed the ride too much to think about the camera which was packed away in my tail bag. The tail bag which was underneath my sleeping bag and hiking backpack. Basically I was too god damn lazy to be bothered to get my crappy little camera out until I got to the camp ground where I spent the weekend. Speaking of which, it was the first time I'd camped in a couple of years and I didn't even bother to bring a tent. I like sleeping under the stars even if it means I get woken up in the morning by chimpmunks using me as a trampoline. Also didn't take any pictures of the camp. I'm lame like that.

Here's a pile of pictures I took. I'll keep pictures of the lake itself to a minimum since I know they're a dime a dozen. Besides, pictures of cool geological stuff is mo bettah yes?

Where to start? Perhaps a tree that gave up its life when a volcano went kablowie over 7,000 years ago? Works for me!

Old, collapsed lava tubes are fun.

Everyone likes waterfalls. You do like waterfalls, don't you?

I though the "Natural Bridge" was pretty neat. Really enjoyed the small walk along the Rogue River to get to it. Too bad there were a bunch of other god damn tourists invading my space. Who did they think they were! Didn't they know I was out trying to have a nice weekend? /end entitledAmericantantrum

The Natty-Bridge itself. Really cool how over a short geological time, nearly perfectly circular holes have been bored in the volcanic rock by eddy currents when the river is high.

It really is amazing how much ash piled up all those years ago. This picture was taken 20 miles away from the "epicenter" of the Mt. Mazama explosion. Nature at its finest. Renewed beauty atop catastrophic destruction.

Closer to the rim.

Aaaaaaannnnnddd just because I can, a hazy picture of the lake. A wildfire was burning near Lakeview, OR that weekend so I had to deal with silly smoke messing with my silly pictures.

Thus ends the amazing amount of pictures I took on that trip. Got way too caught up in enjoying the hiking around, riding and constantly forgetting I had a camera with me. I'll try to do better in the future... Actually, there's more but they're mostly of the lake.

Closer to home, I have to admit the scenery isn't too bad. Every once in awhile when I'm out and about I remember that some people have to take a "vacation" to soak in the views that I see on a daily basis. Sure, the constant grey and rain in the wintertime can sometimes make me question my decision to move to Oregon but overall I cannot complain.

Some random shots taken while out on little local day trips. Since this is a motorcycling forum, I trust nobody will make too much fun of me for that darn motorcycle that kept jumping into the pictures.

Wonder where this road goes? Oh! Onion Mountain!

The road to Happy Camp.

A grey day along the Rogue River. Don't mind the handicap parking, it's a mental thing.

Some nice roads in my local area. Nothing epic, but I've always had fun tooling around on them.

The mighty Rogue River.

Well, that's all for now. I'm sure I'll add more over the coming spring and summer. Have a road trip to Amador County, CA in mind for the summer. Hopefully it will work out. Still debating what route I want to take. Waffling between taking 101 down to Hwy 20 beyond Clear Lake into Sacramento and on into AC, or going down the eastern part of the state. Choices, choices.

I'll leave you with some winter time commute road grime.

I ride 805ccs of slug.

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