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Things I do in Antigua

I have been on the road for approximately 7 months now, and people have asked what do I do while I am in Central America? So, I decided to give a photo essay of my day to day activities. Most of the time it is nothing special, like shopping for groceries or getting my laundry washed. What usually happens during my activities, I meet the most amazing people along the way, and develop true friendships. Once I become a regular at a certain place, people tend to become more comfortable with me, but when I first arrive, I tend to get the “man from mars” treatment.

Certain parts of Central America are not used to seeing a black man come into their establishment. Overtime everyone warms up to me, and we start to get to know one another better. The one thing that always works, is that I respect everyone I meet, I treat that person the way I would like to be treated. So far, I have met some very great people, and I look forward to meeting many more.

My days starts with breakfast M-F prepared by the house maid named Loki, and then my Spanish teacher named Aracellie arrives at the house for 2 hour classes Tuesday – Thursday. I usually drop my laundry off around the corner to my laundry girl named Andina. Last week, some friends and I decided to take a bus to Pastores, a small town 10 minutes outside of Antigua that specializes in making boots and shoes. You there arrive with a picture of the boots you want, and Carlos sizes you up and make a crude drawing…a week later your boots are ready.

My boots will be ready on 5 March 12, and I will post photos of the finished product later. I have also developed a friendship with a local tattoo artist named David, who does great work. On some days I just go to the central park and take photos, and on certain nights I visit my favorite bar called Lava for happy hour…mixed drinks are about $1.50 US.

House maid Loki, and housemate Fleming from Denmark having breakfast

Me and my Spanish teacher Aracellie

Laundry girl Andina

Me getting riding boots shined at the central park

Me getting a tattoo by David

Carlos the boot maker showing off his skills

Carlos making his crude measurements

Some of Carlos's work

Lava bartenders Ali and Dupree

Xavier another bartender

Photo of the patio of the bar

Me and two good friends Mike and John at the bar

Kelly and Travis two good friends I met at the bar

The fruit truck that stops by the house every Friday

random shot in the park

central park

central park

central park

central park

central park

central park

central park
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