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Still in Belize

I decided to head back to Belize City to see my new friend Bea. I took a different route back along the Coastal Hwy which turned out to be a lot of fun.

I stayed at the same guest house, the Sea Breeze. I looked around for something else because I wasn't wild about the place but nothing else in my price range had secure parking. It had rained and the roof across from me turned into a pond.

Bea's mother, and now Bea, work for the Prime Minister. She picked me up in her SUV and we went out for Chinese food, which is quite good in Belize, then she showed me around her city.

This is from my Facebook post of Mar 15, "So 2 days ago, when getting ready to ride into town to get my pannier lid, I noticed my rain gear had gotten pretty moldy in 4 days stuffed in a plastic bag. Especially the gloves. When I got to Belize City I took the gloves to my room with me to dry. This was fortunate because some one climbed the 8 ft wall, got over the razor wire, and broke into my 2 front, soft panniers and stole my rain pants and coat. Or more likely it was an inside job. The owner's son, who worked nights seemed a bit sketchy and kind of a dick the whole time. He would have known when I was asleep in my room. The owner's of the Sea Breeze guest house wouldn't even refund me my $25 for my nights stay for not keeping my bike safe.

I still have my normal riding jacket which is slightly water proof, and the gloves. This is good because of course yesterday it rained like cats and dogs. Fortunately I was able to pull into a tiny restaurant, Shena's, for the local meal, ride and beans with chicken. I spent an hour there letting the rain pass off to the west. As I was leaving one of the zippers on my riding jacket failed a couple times."
Shena's, a great place for lunch.

Of course this was the first day I'd been hit with heavy rain the entire trip, and I had no rain gear. Fortunately I wouldn't need it for another 2 months. I made it to San Ignacio, Belize that afternoon. Got a room at the Hi-Et GH and checked out the town. Met another American named Brian and did some drinking at Greety's Bar.

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