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Originally Posted by FourG View Post
So I've taken both wheels off again and tried to straighten the front forks, all with no luck.

While I was toying with the rear wheel I noticed it has a tiny bit of play. I'm wondering if this is causing the issue I'm feeling.

I also, somewhat unscientifically, tried to figure out the direction of the rear wheel with string. It seems the wheel is pointing slightly to the right side of the bike.

Paralever bearings?
Not an expert by any means, and you said the dealer is stumped, but if the rear wheel has play doesn't that immediately point a finger at the final drive tapered wheel bearing? I'm not sure if you mentioned the mileage on the bike, or previous FD maintenance, but 1150 FD's have a tendency to self destruct somewhere between 50K and 100k miles. Could post several linkys here, but here's the most obvious one. Did you eliminate this as a possible cause?
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