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Here's a pic of my slap hammer concoction:

It aint' pretty. And it don't work real well. But it worked and it was pretty much free. I got the old seal out without damaging the case.

So, on to the electrical. I hooked up 12V DC to the bike to simulate it running and tore the front end apart to diagnose why the lights don't work in the instrument panel:

Turns out that 3 light bulbs were burned out, one had fallen out of its socket and one was missing. That left two bulbs that weren't burnt out. I plugged them into various sockets and whaddya know? The electrical is fine! I just gotta order some new bulbs.

And, I figured out the turnsignals. The flasher relay is physically crushed. The outer case is broken. If you hold it just right it'll work, but sometimes it doesn't. It just needs replaced.

So, here's the real exciting part. The bike is as dismantled as it's going to get. As soon as my parts get here, I can start putting her back together! Up until this point, I've left the bike in worse shape than she was before I started - every night. Now, it's going to look like I'm making progress!

I really wish it were warm enough to take this carcass to a car wash. She's sorely in need of a pressure washing!
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