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Originally Posted by sdthorpe View Post
I'm headed out to Silverton in July with some friends and I can't wait! We have XR's and this is my plea:

I can't seem to find any definitive intel on what our jetting should be for this trip. My worry is that our bikes; which our tuned well for Ga elevation, will bog down and really spoil another otherwise fantastic trip. Can anyone point me to a jetting guide for 10k elevation? I'd really like to do it all before I get there, trial and error isn't my cup of tea...
for the San Juans you should shoot for 13k elevations.... a few of the good ones are just under 13k and a couple are just over 13k. I've had my bike run great up to 12k and struggle to get over Imogene's last approach.

An example of how I jetted my XR600 and XR628:

Stock main 152, FMF Q2 and Powerbomb header, NoToil filter with skin.
152 would get noticably fat and affect rideability over 10k ft.
148 ran good to 13k and up (Imogene) and worked well at 4,000 ft (Moab)

Jetting changes on an XR are pretty simple to make - bring a few mains and a couple of pilots and change if you need to. Going 1 leaner on the main should work.
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