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Eastern Guatemala

The border crossing from Belize to Guatemala was one of the easiest of the trip. No Helper needed. There was a gas station with an ATM just inside the border so no need to exchange much at the border rates. I headed straight to

I had read that if you entered the park after 3 PM they stamp you for the next day so you get 27 hours there. While waiting for 3 to come around i talked to a German girl who had bicycled there from Ushuia. It had taken here 15 months and she figured she had that much more to go to get to Alaska. Talk about a long trip.
First time I'd seen one of these signs.

Jaguar crossing.

I set up camp and immediately headed out to the ruins. First I came across this type of wild Ocellated Turkey

This is Temple V.

You can pay a bit of extra money to go watch the sunrise from one of the larger temples. I was going to do it but when I rolled out of bed at 3 AM there was heavy overcast so I went back to sleep. No one saw the sunrise that day. After the skies cleared I headed out. Tikal really is the best set of Mayan ruins in Central America.
What do you call a bunch of Coatls? A herd? A flock? Well here's a video of them.

There were also monkeys

And Ant Superhighways

And of course more ruins

If you're in Tikal with your own vehicle you can ride about 20km to another set of ruins, Uaxactun just outside a native village. I recommend it. It's the only place down there you can do this.

On the way through the village I saw the most amazing native girl. She looked and was dressed traditionally but had stunning blue eyes. Like aquamarine gems.
On my way back to Tikal I didn't see a Jaguar. I did see a rare jungle Fox. Then it was on to Flores. As you may know Flores is built on an ilsland in lake Peten Itza and connected to shore by a 500m causeway.
I stayed at the Dona Goya hostel and had lunch at a great little restaurant called Cool Beans.

It's a very pretty area.

View from the roof of the guest house

From FB, 'Went out looking for a St Patrick 's day party. Found the just opened Buccaneers Bar. They had Jack. I spent almost. $7 on 3 stiff drinks there. They have no Pirate music, just Bob Marley's which I told them not to play. Brittany Spears which I threw away for them, and some average 70s rock and some Metal. Tomorrow I am burning all my Pirate music for them. The Wages of Sin, Alestorm, Rum Rebellion, etc."
As I was wandering back to my guest house I came across a black KLR with an ADV sticker on it. I left a note and the next day ADV Rider Old-N-Slow found me. We did breakfast then headed around the lake to what was supposed to be a big party. it wasn't but later we hit the Buccaneers Bar.

Old-N-Slow himself

We had a good local meal down the street. This fish can only be found in lake Peten Itza.

The owners of the Buccaneers loved the pirate music and wouldn't play anything else. The gave me a bottle of rum which I shared with them and things got silly.

The next morning, surprisingly not hung over, it was back to Cool Beans for breakfast and then on the road SE to Honduras

I stopped for lunch here at Rio Dulce

Then on to the border

I'll end with this from FB, "3 1/2 hour border crossing into Honduras. You'd think if they require you to have a copy of the stamp they put in your passport they might have a copier machine. No, they rely on a hotel 500m down the road in no-mans land. Which wasn't open. Fortunately a nice Honduran-American Grandmother in Immigration helped me out. All I had to do was send my passport and drivers license with a kid on a bike to who knows where. Everything returned by taxi and said grandmother, Juanita, then gave me a place to stay in her huge house up the road. :) I thought I was going to be camping in No-Man's land for the night.

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