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Why woody doesn't do 21" tubeless etc......

Originally Posted by picard View Post
21" rims in 1.6 - 2.15 sizes don't have enough of a bead groove for a TL tire to sit in. That's why Woody can't do a tubeless setup for you.
Here's the straight skinny,,,,

Folks,we can seal most anything for tubeless,,,HOWEVER....knowing what I know,,cannot in good conscience seal certain rims...

Here's why:

1,,in the old days before tube-less one relied on the tube to push the tire in place and hold it there,,,the interface between rim bead and tire bead was close but not to exacting standards....slow leaks weren' too ibig. A problem ,,but tire punctures often had the same effect as pricking a balloon with a pin,,,BOOOM and instant pressure loss resulting in the tire slipping off the bead with disastorous consequences...

2,,pneumatic tubes solved the problem during the transition time from wire wheels to steel rims and eventually cast wheels

3,,with higher highway speeds came the awareness that tubed tires (TT) started failing and causing premature tire wear because of the excessive heat build-up caused from the friction between tire and tube.....

4,? VOILA!!!! Why not get rid of the tube???,,less weight/cheaper/safer/better wear characteristics,,,,but what happens when ya get a nail or flat,,well same thing as TT,,,hence the safety bead was born and answer much tighter set of standards for rim/tire bead ,,,tubes-less(TL) tires are differentiated from their TT predecessors...'tips the safety bead or lack of one that is the main reason why I am willing to seal or not seal your wheel...

5,, another reason I will or won't seal a wheel has to do with the type of riding you do and whether the rim choice is adequate for the job....there are certain 21" rims I will seal for a chopper/street-rod but won't for dual-sport use because of their tendency to bend easily with hard off-road use

There ya have it

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