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Along the Great Ocean Road

Leaving South Australia we followed the Victorian "Great Ocean Road" along its southern coast in a easterly direction. We stopped at my dads old home town of Warrnambool for the night and then continued through to my sisters pace in Geelong. There we planned to do maintenance on the bikes, servicing, as well as buying a few things we realized we needed for our further travels and also sending stuff home that we had accumulated or didn't use. Weight and space is a premium with bike travel. It's certainly not like a car where you can just "throw it in the back"

The limestone coast shows amazing examples of erosion and the sedimentary layering.
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This part of the Victorian coastline is also known as the "Shipwreck Coast" due to the very high number of vessels that have fallen foul to the regular ferocious weather and dangerous coast.

Riding on past the Portland coast they have several massive wind turbines, capturing energy. I can certainly agree on their ideal placement as it was the first time I have ever sat on the posted speed limit and have been too terrified to go any faster! The cross winds had us riding on 45 degree angles against the oceanic blast. It was hard to prepare for when you rode from in or out of a grove of trees, bridge or hill with the immediate reaction of the bike to take off violently one way or the other!

The London Bridge that has fallen down, if I remember rightly there was a woman and her daughter out on the bridge sight seeing when the main span section caved in. They had to be rescued by chopper. How's ya luck!!!
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The Great Ocean Road has been cut into to the cliffs and rugged coastline and is quite spectacular. Unfortunately all my GoPro footage didn't work out well, I had several great action scenes chasing Hydro along the coastal cliffs and through windy forrest sections but on watching them, all I had was footage of my helmet visor! I even had footage of myself over shooting a corner and clipping the cliff cut away edge and shrubs! It was a wake call that we weren't out on the straight roads of the Northern Territory or South Australian outback anymore!
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Pit stop at Lorne. Be aware it is best to do this road during the week as weekends and school/holiday times make it a pain, not a pleasure to ride.
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The famous surfing mecca of Bells Beach, Torquay.
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Lighthouse of Queenscliffe at the entry to Melbournes Port Phillip Bay. Next stop, the city of Geelong.
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It seemed everywhere we pulled up, we were a more interesting sight to others than what ever we we there to look at...? Our dirty, dusty riding gear and red dust coated swags and dirt bikes with foreign state number plates intrigued many. Conversations were struck up from/by strangers all the time before we even had our helmets off.

I guess we stood out from other motorcyclists with their flash spaceship tourers, racy go fast rockets or the rowdy chromed cruisers.

We certainly weren't in Kansas anymore Toto, us country lads were in the city...
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