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Once reaching Geelong we worked on and sorted things out on the bikes that weren't always convenient to do out on the road. Tyres, oil, filters, sprockets, etc were replaced and equipment purchased for the Tassie leg and beyond.

I wasn't happy with my DriRider rallycross gear, most of the zips on the jacket had failed within a couple of months and also the pants seams were separating-tearing open on the thighs and they also have metal zips for vents on the inner thighs, yes, metal zips, inner thighs... My fuel tank now sports awesome gouges in the paint work adjacent to the ridiculous location of the the aforementioned zips.

I know adventure bikes are for exactly that, adventure. This will knowingly incorporate spills, crashes and scratches but just be aware if your in the market for new riding gear take into account functionality and logical thinking.

Anyway...I believe I set the Australian record if not the World record for testing a new jackets, bitumen bounce and grind ability. Now I said jacket, no pants as for the first time I rode with shorts, (I've had a few bike crashes in my time, most of them not my fault, so due to the pain and suffering incurred I've always worn my protective gear from then on.) Except. Well you maybe familiar with the story, its a warm day, I'm only going round the corner....

On Hydro and my return from the bike shop we rode together navigating to my sisters home, some 2.3 kilometres away. At about the 700 metre mark Hydro cut me off, thinking that the side road we were about to pass was my sisters. Locking up my bike in traffic I had nowhere to go but down, right down the road bouncing on my right shoulder and hip.

Friendly Fire aarrrhhhh!

Some how with adrenalin pumping and the wind knocked out of me we stood the bike back up, shooed away all the people, telling off Hydro, wanting to ring the ambulance etc and rode home. That's where I fell in a heap, seizing up and feeling the pain! It was off to the hospital for X-rays.

The brand new RST jacket now wasn't so new and the Tenere was a little scratched (protection bars, bark busters and brake snake worked a treat) and the handlebars needed straightening in the risers.

In Geelong emergency department.
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We had to postpone the ferry tickets that we were to use that afternoon! Hydro was feeling guilty, I was feeling guilty! Shit! When was I going to be good to ride again...?

Pain and uncertainty.
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