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Originally Posted by 2712 View Post
thank you!

so ive to ask, how do you change the preload, can you do it with everything installed on the bike?

i still cant find the "little bolt" that locks the preload ring above the spring in place, where is yours and how do you acess it?

can you cange preload upfront without getting the tank off?
First the ain't simple..but can be done...I don't pull the tank anyway..just use a crowsfoot on the top nut...

The rear..well it depends..if you have the hyd preload, then, you can' t change the preload by the rings..if you don't have hyd preload, then, correct, loosen set screw and turn away..1/38th turn ata time ...or..pull shock and do it in one third the time.

I'd make damn sure the set screw is in the opening on the right side of the bike before I finish bolting it all back together.
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