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I'll have to admit that it actually pisses me off when I read these "hippies lost in the jungle stories" cause I always had to work when young & spry. No time to really "get lost"! Just never had the time to run around on somebody elses dime. Certain locales collect them (San Cristobal,MX comes to mind as one) in droves & I'm left thinking well maybe I missed out on the "hippie experience" but at least I had a great work ethic which shows well in our kids.
Yeh, its true that many with advanced degrees run everything & write public policy but for me the sad part is that far too many are lawyers/ivy league types that lack street creds in the world of work sense, not just that they're well educated-I know cause I'm both educated & have the what I call a "dirty fingernail" work ethic! If your one of those people that holds politicians in high esteem and thinks we ought to name our bridges ,roads & bldgs,industrial parks(you name it) after them, well your just not in my zone!
This notion of the guvmnt looking for people brings to mind the rescue crews we keep in place all over the USA to go get people that are risk takers. We have them in my area which is a "mecca" of sorts for rock climbers. They come here from all over and fall off cliffs all the time. A few are high/drunk campers that walk over a cliff at night, while others start at the bottom & have skill. I'll admitt it certainly is a little cold to call their mommas & say come and get the body. Read about Yosemite and the climbers we are paying to help out there.
Too bad ADV MC riders don't get the same come & get me help(nothing against ambulance people)?
end of rant.....................................
"If I had my life to live over,I'd dare to make more mistakes next time...I'd relax,I'd limber up.I'd be sillier than this trip, take fewer things seriously, I would take more chances... take more trips...climb more mountains...swim more more ice cream." Jorge Luis Borges, at age 85
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