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Originally Posted by Bob View Post
Great start Dave!
Super pictures.
Thanks for following along again Bob!

Originally Posted by Mil T View Post
Ahh. The Mojave Desert. The old stomping grounds for 40+ years. Even before it became the exclusive play ground to the Environazi Government with all the road closures and wilderness designations.
Although I am without motorcycle for the first time in 45 years, I do enjoy coming back to lurk the pages of the wonderful world of Adventurers like you Dave. I get to see the great scenery that is familier to me but in a complete different perspective because of your ingenious ability to take a picture of the scenery and transform it into a magical place. Thanks for that.
I see you have not foresaken the majesty of the Eagle on your bike.
I hope to get busy with tours like this, albeit in a truck but it will be an exciting ride non the less.

Above the Rest.
Mil Thornton
Sweet Truck, Mil T! You should have a fun with that thing. Are you done with 2 wheels completely?


Originally Posted by MasterMarine View Post
Great pics. I can's wait to see where you take us.
Thanks MM!

RRR, I'll post up my tracks near the end.
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