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Originally Posted by Throttlemeister View Post
Let it be known I don't have a problem with drugs unless your mommy is supposed to be finding out where you are or the person is totally out of control!

I was amazed how many people I came across that where out looking for some crazy ass concoction that helps them see the spirit world or the other side. I think anyone would start seeing the spirit world after shitting and vomiting themselves for days that's kinda what happens to anyone when you get severely dehydrated sick To each their own.

I'd still like to know what those two where up to out in the jungle for 15 days...we never get to hear the ending.
The eurotrash and hippies that piss me off aren't the smart ones like Rick, they're the dumb ones that bring trouble into the hotel or the hostel because on their back is a great big MARK that says to the gangsters and cops COME FUCK ME UP.

I've been a rescuer. Sometimes it was extremely rewarding. I quit doing it when I found myself wanting to leave the dumb motherfuckers where they lay.

SPOT sucks. Read the fine print carefully and the insurance policy is actually worthless.

As for what the hippies were doing on the river for two weeks? I can imagine... all kinds of fun things, from helping somebody with a humanitarian project (hippies do humanitarian projects too) to helping somebody with a fucked-up project (read The Mosquito Coast, also by Paul Theroux, or watch the movie), or maybe they were just kind of high, kind-of bird watching, kind of relaxing in a hammock. Or maybe they did finally find that magic concoction!

Which reminds me that I need to get my ass down to Panama pretty soon. My hammock is calling me...
I am Charlie.
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