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Originally Posted by Qben View Post
Can anyone tell me about this plug. Is it just a general purpose 12v outlet or for some special purpose? It's smaller than normal sockets.

There are 3 switch positions on the engine kill switch. The first 2 are obvious, but I can't figure the function of the 3rd (all the way left). Anyone?

When I started my trip, the oil level was at the very top of the sight glass. Is this a normal amount of oil to burn over 1000 miles? No leaks.

Thanks again!
Plug can be used as as power source (heated clothing, air pump, etc...) or to plug in battery charger/maintainer.
Kill switch cuts engine when pushed up or down. Center, engine has electrical power.
Check oil only after engine has reached operating temp; otherwise a variable amount of oil gets sequestered in the oil cooler. Best routine is immediately after a ride put your bike on this side stand for 5 minutes (or longer, but at least 5 minutes) then pop it up on the center stand. Go away for a period (eg, just wait til next day before starting it up) and upon return check oil. As long as it is within the red circle you're good to go. Caution, oil sight glass on rare occasion has been know to pop out. I always carry a spare.
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