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Originally Posted by JustKip View Post
3 words; Russell Day Long!

The difference in seat to peg distance between GS & GSA is only the difference in seat padding...about 3/4 inch. They are the same bike except for bolt on bits.

I had a GSA seat on my GS for a year. Although it did make a difference in knee pain, I actually found it worse in the groin comfort on long rides.

Now, with the Russell seat, I can do 600-700 miles a day, every day. I didn't buy the GSA simply because most of the extras that come with the GSA were things I'd replace anyway, like the seat and windscreen.

Unfortunately, my GS came with cast wheels, so I found a gently used set from Woody's Wheels. Spokes are only a $500 option on a GS, but when you buy a used set they'll cost quite a bit more. If you plan to ride "off road", spend the $500 up front! (although it is nice to have a extra set for street tires)

I had a RDL on my 08 GSA, always used it set in the high position too. I'm 6'2" and that was a comfortable setup for me, but I couldn't flatfoot that sucker. I only dropped it one time and that was pulling out of a motel parking lot. The exit had a great deal of slope to the right, I was turning left, just barely moving when I grabbed a handfull of front brake to stop for a car. With bar cranked to the left a bit and full tank of fuel I couldn't hold that fat pig up when she shifted to the right. It dumped me on my ass and laid there on its side in first gear,Rear wheel turning, mocking me and my feeble attempt to alter physics. I shut the motor off and as I was about to try and pick it up a delivery truck driver stopped and helped. Didn't hurt a thing other than a scuffed bar end. I think having the panniers on helped prevent anything worse.
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