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Originally Posted by mistercindy
Is that the Aerostich Sheepskin pad? The connections look like it. If not, what is it? And how do you like it?
Its an Airhawk pad.

And I love it. I'll likely never get a custom seat b/c I can just slap this on any of my bikes' stock seat and have a happy butt on a multi-thousand mile trip. I highly recommend trying one before you spend the time and money on a custom seat -- and this is from a guy who easily spends large sums on what he "thinks is the best" and on what he wants.

Oh, the connections are simply the tiny bungees. They wrap under the seat. The pad doesn't come with any straps.

And oh, the model that fits the GS nice is the "small cruiser". And oh, be sure and use it right -- you ride with barely any air in guess is 20% inflation. Just read the manual.
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