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Thanks all!!!

I really appreciate the well wishes. I'm home now, unloaded and haven't really had much of a look at anything. I rode the bike up the driveway I had 2 or 3 different people tell me the bike started right up when they loaded it onto the sweep truck. I really am hoping she had both hands in the air when the sweep hauled her back, and I hope they drifted every corner.

So far I need bars, handguards, turn signals , a new helmet for racing only, windshield, and new dashmounts. Wheel looks fine as does the forks and tree.

Here's how my weekend went......I chased Jason around for a few hours in the sand. It was a nice introduction compaired to the next day. I had never been on sand roads, and that pussy pit in Greer doesn't count. We get back to the hotel and run into Kurt who was my rally trainer last year.....well, we carpooled to WV and NY and I learned a lot. He was either going to camp on our floor or someone elses. I noticed my phone was blowing up, Christan had sent out many texts. I call to find out a very good friend had suddenly died early friday morning.......I was floored. Larissa was so god damn fun and bright and was the perfect person for JP, who Christan had known for 20 years. I couldn't wrap my head around it.....she had a seizure or blacked out and JP found her on the floor, then he called 911 and she coded on the ride, they got her back then lost her again in the hospital.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Fuck. "Do you want me to come home?" Obviously I didn't but what she said was that Larisa wouldn't want me to leave. My head was no longer in the game. Making that phone call home was not easy, and I think I started balling before Christan did. I lost conciouness for maybe 30 seconds, The big Russian guy in the other video that helps me pick my bike and triangle up is the first to get to me. Peter, he is my guardian angel.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Guy on the left. So, I don't remember the impact, but I do remember thinking "this is gonna hurt". Then Peter was asking me ?'s, and some I couldn't answer. I understand he has video of the yard sale and photos as well. EMS strapped me to a board and neck brace, then a nice bumpy ride to the hospital. I was boarded for 3 hours, they cut my clothes off but were able to remove my gear. But they did get my lucky race shirt my sister bought me.

 photo 09BC45B1-76F1-450D-8F0B-2130470848BC-38687-00003323F64181C5_zps325d8d46.jpg

EKG, blood, CAT scan, and x-rays.......3.5 hours later......I'm walking circles in the parking lot trying to figure out which direction my hotel is. The the nurse comes out and points me in the right direction. I haven't eaten in about 7 hours at this point, so I hoof it back, strip and shower. Jason texts me that my bike is back at service and asks how I'm doing. Granola bar in my mouth and a jug of water, hitch up the trailer and off to service. My fat lip and sand burn.
 photo 0B39E0CF-07DF-4A14-B36A-D8AF014E57CD-38687-0000332418157473_zps31aaf0e0.jpg

At a minumum, I want to be around people. Adam helps me load my bike and I eat some of the food he had shuttled there for us. Then riders start coming in.

 photo C5F2D32A-C944-4DE9-AAA5-A7FBE6C85EE5-38687-0000333F26F9C6B1_zps7ee514f4.jpg

I chat with some ADV riders that came to help/spectate. Rally racers love to gossip, so everyone knew I had been in the hospital before I was even admitted. It's nice to see everyone, since that is really the fun part for me. Going fast is fun, but I like the teamwork part more.

I'll post the sucessful stage vid and the not so one when I get them up. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have yard sale photos and vid to follow. Thanks all for watching my back.......

 photo CB2B2712-57BF-43F9-8626-6B0BC8D926D0-38687-00003323F03008A6_zps0b3b1717.jpg

 photo 601E147B-027A-44EB-898E-D5533FBF07EC-38687-000033240888F634_zpsf0de6758.jpg

From last year....

 photo 144A521F-3A87-4ADB-86ED-EC10DFF372B6-38687-000033240EE12EC1_zps1c0f191b.jpg

And my campground award for coming back out to cheer.

 photo 9E252A5E-277F-4858-B6BE-5DF65D19A2CD-38687-00003327ABA4EA48_zps8739306c.jpg

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